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Friday, July 16th, 2004
10:06 pm
On the topic of clothing fetish..
Kittenkissies got me thinking about just how much lingerie, hosiery, stockings, pantyhose etc. items I've got. Too much! Then again, compared to my shoe collection, that's small potatoes. I love having a nice pair of shoes to go with any outfit, from the basic black stiletto heel to my strappy sandals and beach wedge shoes, to having nearly every color of the rainbow in heels, kitten heels and open-toed ones.

But enough about my pretty adorable shoes to go with my pretty adorable feet..

My original point is, if so much money is spent on sexy lingerie and intimates, why does society frown upon ladies who enjoy wearing them? Fashions become more and more like public lingerie anyway! Have you noticed? I don't mind, in fact some of the things in my intimates collection have come out of the closet to become everyday wearables and that's awesome!

I like to dress in and out of the bedroom sexy. Also, themes are good [in or out ;)] I have an outfit that's so hot, it's only worn to for clubbing or in the bedroom after a good night of fun, for even more wickedness. It's a tight shiny black mini skirt I pair with either my red bell-sleeved and ruffled sheer blouse [awesome cleavage] or the shiny black sleeveless turtleneck top..they are both good by themselves, but what really makes this stand out and make the guys drool is how my long legs are featured, especially with high heels and stockings. I always prefer stockings with elastic lace tops that hold up themselves and hug the thighs, or I use garter belts, which are very sexy in my opinion. A lot of the old style fashions of lingerie and intimates deserve to be worn today more than they really are.
The corset for example, one of my favorites. I could go on about fashion for days..about the stuff I have, shop for..love..go crazy for..
That's one of the special pleasures about being a woman, is the wonderful feeling of these soft textures and various fabrics and laces, materials like leather or pvc on the body. The way it makes one look..so many different ways to look hot!

I love my life, and I love being a sexy young woman!
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
1:07 am
Erotic dreams
I had a really interesting dream last night, I wonder if erotic dreams are common for other people..
Is this what guys call, a "wet dream"?
Because when I woke up, I was definitely wet..
I couldn't say it was a dream in any sort of sequence, it didn't play out like a movie of any kind. I mean, it was mostly images, jumbled up and the most memorable thing was really the feelings and sensations!
I'm curious, do dreams usually play out like a movie, or can they be just feelings and images? I guess dreams can be anything..

So I will try to tell you what I remember, or what I felt. It's not easy, because like I said, it was an erotic sexy dream with a lot of pleasure and excitement without having a definite story.
I remember feeling horny, not just normal everyday horny, but extremely stimulated, the kind that makes your nipples hard and your pussy wet and puffy, begging for attention like..
I felt my nipples sucked and teased and licked, and my ass squeezed, my inner thighs stroked, closer and closer to my dripping pussy, making me throb and ache, it was so much teasing!
I remember the dreamy sensations of being excited to the highest heights of erotic sexual stimulation, so that every moment I felt I could explode into orgasm. I remember clearly an image of a man, a shadowy stranger of a man...kneeling between my parted legs and licking his tongue over my obviously excited clit so lightly and gently, knowing I was ready to explode and so sensitive already! It felt like I was having multiple orgasms the entire time, but at the same time aching for more, it's so difficult to try to capture one of the most erotic feeling dreams I've ever had..
I'm sure that guys know what wet dreams are like, how your hard throbbing cock NEEDS to slide into a pussy RIGHT NOW! I felt I needed a cock to fuck me right now, I needed it so badly, I would have done anything. My dream gave me teasing sensations even then, images of that excited cock dripping pre-cum and sliding up and down my slippery hot pussy..just that feeling alone making me cum, making things even wetter..
It was a dream of jumbled images of being teased and wanting more, and I loved it.
I hope I have more dreams like that, to be truthful, I'm turned on right now just remembering it, and thinking about it.

This is one thing I've noticed, whenever I have a sex dream, the next day I will be very very horny all day, until I give in to the throbbing feeling between my legs.
I wonder if this is the same for everyone? I don't really know, but I can tell you I love dreams like that, I love the pleasure and teasing..everyone could use more pleasure in their lives, that's for sure.
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
5:10 pm
Starting over
I'm a bit sad at the loss of my past history of posts, not sure what happened there but I think it's been fixed now.
I sort of feel like pages of my diary have been ripped out, nothing for me to do but start over from scratch.

My name is Kerry, and this is my online Diary for whatever I feel like, when I feel like it! You can learn more about me by clicking on the link below and visiting me at the beach. [One of my favorite places to hang out]

I'm a college student currently majoring in Film and minoring in Sexual Diversity Studies. I'm also working to afford paying for my education! During the evenings I work as a phone sex girl. It's fun and enjoyable, and pays the bills! I don't care if other people try to judge me or say they don't think it's a reputable job, they are just scared of sexuality if you ask me.
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
6:07 pm
Where did all my posts go?
Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to LJ but not so new that I haven't had a history of posts and more than a few comments, is it just me, or does it look just gone? Maybe it's there, but I'm not seeing it. Where are my posts? If anyone figures out where they have gone, let me know, I might be just looking in the wrong place.

I'm either in the right place, and something is not right and stuff has been erased, or I'm in the wrong place and not very LJ-savvy.
Please help me out guys!
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